How are insights helpful?

The graphs and visualizations generated by Scope will help you to have a better understanding of what is happening inside your team of engineers. Insights allow you to view progress made in the software using various visualization methods.

Some of the benefits os using Scope are:

  1. Know the workflow of engineers: frequency of commits, pull-requests and revisions. With this data, we can know exactly the productivity peaks, the days where you work the most and the time slot where you are most productive.

  2. Know the duration of the tasks: with a historical data, software factories can adjust budgets better and have a better idea of how long it can take them to finish a specific project for a client. We can see two things: the duration of tasks at the project level and at the engineer level. We help to know the evolution of time by days, weeks and months on both levels.

  3. Know how the tasks are related among engineers. We want to throw data to know how the tasks are distributed among the engineers, how the reviews work among them, what level of involvement exists, how the workflow with the PRs improves, number of comments by type of task or by person, etc. We are working on providing data that can help to better structure processes internally. With this, we want to get engineers to communicate more with each other and increase motivation and the level of involvement among colleagues.

  4. Impact of the tasks. At a low, medium and high level. We establish criteria based on an algorithm (that you can read here). With this, we help you understand the impact level of each pull-request in the code. We help detect talent, lack of motivation, progress from a junior to senior engineer, ...