Logging in to Scope

First of all, you have to access to Scope. Once you arrive to the logging page, you have to:

1. Login with GitHub

Press the button Sign in with GitHub:

Log in with GitHub

A pop-up will appear. The GitHub OAuth system will automatically detect your account if you have your GitHub session active. If you haven't it active, you have to insert your GitHub account name and password.


You will have to accept our Scopes. GitHub OAuth system ask for write and read permissions** so we are going to be able to analyze the repositories and generate the necessary reports and visualizations you are looking in Scope.

Scopes needed

Once you have signed in with GitHub, you will be ready to add your repositories.

2. Login with GitLab

Press the button Sign in with GitLab:

Log in with GitLab

You will be redirected to the GitLab sign in page where you will be able to add your GitLab account credentials.

Redirect to GitLab sign in page

After that, you will see a GitLab pop-up asking for an acceptance of permissions to use Scope.

GitLab auth pop-up

Now, you need to Authorize the necessary permissions to use Scope. Once you accept them, you will be redirected back to Scope. It will automatically identify your token, and your projects and repositories.


** Why does Scope require write and read permissions?

We need these permissions because we can't give you the metrics without these permissions. The OAuth protocol on GitHub is not granular so we can't read the data without them.

If you have concerns about security, don't hesitate to read our security page, terms of use and privacy policy to be sure that we don't use your data in a wrong way.