Adding your Repositories

Once you have logged in with GitHub, you will find a Select Repos table in which you can select the repositories you want to receive metrics from. The number of the repositories you can select will depend on your subscription plan.

Our Free plan allows you to analyze up to 2 repositories for free. If you feel Scope is providing you a real value to your company, feel free to ask us the number of repositories that you want to add to the platform. For that, please visit our pricing page.

Add repositories

Please, be sure to read the legend:

  1. Data (green): it means that the repo has pull-requests and activity during the last month.
  2. No data (red): it means that the repo has not pull-requests and we can't provide metrics in that case. You won't be able to select these repositories, since they are disabled.

Once you have selected your repositories, please, click on the OK button:

OK Button

Later, you will be redirected to the Dashboard of Scope.