Filters: Date & Person

In Scope, there are two types of filters: date and person.

Person Filter

Since our price plans enable all users of all repositories (unlimited users), the person filter works with all the people who are collaborating in the selected repositories.

For that, you will see the full list of people collaborating within the repositories you selected.

Filter Person

Like the Search Bar, you can play with the Person filter. You can select the people you want to get reports from. Obviously, you can select them all (by default) or individually.

Filter Person 2

Date Filter

The data availability depends on the pricing plan you have selected. By default, the data availability is 1 month. For Startup Plan 2 months, for Pro & Enterprise Plan 4 months.

From the Date Filter, you can select the date from which you want to obtain the data. It's functionality is very simple, just select the date you want. Remember that the data availability is always from today, so if you have the Startup Plan and 2 months of data availanility and today is -for example- 3rd December 2019, you will have data until 3rd October 2019.

Date Filter 1

You can also select weeks or days:

Date Filter 2

Remember that the start day fill be always the first day selected. From there, you can select the last day you want to obtain the data from.